Kirsty wants to live in a world where delightful stationery and beautiful conversation is the norm.  

As a coach and designer of leadership programmes she has been featured in multiple publications and asked to speak at conferences and business panels nationally. 

When she is not delivering and designing leadership experiences or coaching you will find her in the downward dog position (usually hanging from some ropes), jumping on a trampoline (her happy place) or reading about murder. 

Her recently released stationery line - &Copper Scribbles is featured in online stores and on the high street. Her latest online coaching course will be coming to you very soon. 

Learn more about having conversations that matter and making a dent in the leadership landscape here. 

Clients Kirsty has worked with include:

Careers Scotland, First Direct, HSBC, M&S Money, Boeringher Ingelheim, Barclaycard, Lloyds TSB, Bank of New York, Sport Scotland, Kaupthing, GO training, IBM, Technip, ICAN, Stork, SWI, Barclays, NHS and Raise the Bar.


Kirsty's most recent projects are:

Leadership Styled - A business consultancy specialising in Executive coaching and leadership development. Designing and delivering leadership development programmes and providing executive coaching for senior leaders. This is also an online magazine with inspiring leaders interviews, articles and stories. 

Read more here - Leadership Styled!

&copperscribbles - A brand new stationery range which includes delightfully stylish notebooks, triangular pencils, handmade and personalised prints and digital stationery for when you are on the go.

To view the product range click here - &copperscribbles!

Yoga Styled - After completing both her Ariel Yoga and Yoga teacher training Kirsty is expanding into the Yoga world.. watch this space.