How to clone a leader...  

A cloning machine for leaders? How very exciting.  

A cloning machine for great leaders? Much better.  

This came to me in a recent coaching conversation with a senior Director in asking about what he could consider in his leadership after moving into a new position. We talked about his personality type and that of his peers and how he had navigated through the organisation so far.  

In the conversation we distilled it to a few elements.. 

Listen. Take time out to listen. One of the biggest gifts we can give to others is the willingness and commitment to listen. We all still have our internal dialogue which can gets in the way however holding the intent to listen to the other is incredibly powerful. My favourite ted talk at the moment is by William Ury who talks about having a listening movement. Watch it here.   

The Power of Listening!

Kindness. Jim McNeish from Neish talks about this in our Leadership Styled interview in that the best people he had ever worked with were kind.  

Jim says, “kindness has wisdom in it”.  
Thinking back to those people that have really impacted me are those that are inherently kind- they careAnd you can never have a completely bad day if you have a little kindness in it.  

 “Student says:  I am discouraged. What should I do? 

Master says, “Encourage others”.  

What’s it for? What are you leading for was a question I ask and this is a super question to find out someone else’s commitment – what is at their core. Those kind leaders take time out to find out what you stand for and tap into this when enrolling you in the future of a project, a role or a position.  

Who is at your table? Wisdom comes from many different places and spaces and it is important as a leader to have the right people at your table. Who do you plug into when you need support? When you need direction, who is on your speed dial? When a shout of energy/ a boost/a kick up the ass who do you call for a meet up? There are certain energies, archetypes that we tap into that a good leader ensures they have locked in.  

Human to human – conversation. We all want to connect and leaders who take time out to have conversations that really matter make a dent! 2 of my favourite quotes are:  

“ A problem only exists in the absence of the right conversation” 

Werner Ernhard  

“The single biggest problem that exists in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” 

George Bernard Shaw 

Yes yes and yes! I am known to say the first one approximately 500 times a day. It is JUST the thing – if everyone got this then woop!  

I think those are the ingredients I would pop into the cloning machine (that and a good dress sense and a massive sense of humour).