I have been asking everyone what their word for the year is (perhaps spurned on by Eat Pray Love) and I have loved the myriad of looks that I have received when people think on it- concern, pain, uncertainty and shock.  

Some people are yet to answer as its too hard!  

We have had words such as:  

Focused (this has popped up a few times), Consolidation, Risk, Brave, Pleasure, Positive efficiency, love, Joy, Boom (love it!) and laughter.  

My word is simplicity.   

Well – to be honest – I have 2 words – ease and simplicity. Our friend Jim came up with “simpleasity” as a mash up so – adopted!  

Why these word(s)?  

My focus is to do things that are easy, they flow, they – you know, just work. I want to ensure I work with people that have conversations that flow, that are easy, that – you know, just work.  

I recognise that times can be difficult in business and there can be resistance and hard conversations and I am not denying this. I feel that if I hold the intent of simpleasity then my mind is activated towards this and will seek it out. I have been using the intention as a question for me too – is it simple? Does it create ease? Does it feel easy? Simple?  

Yes? Then – do it.  

As I write this I feel recognition of slowing down of being still – staying still enough for long enough as the Minister of Inspiration, Richard Wilkins would say.  

And at times when I get all caught up in “Why are things not simple?”  I recognise that simple isn’t easy.  
It was Lenoardo Da Vinci that said ‘simplicity was the ultimate sophistication’ – he was right…  

What’s your word?