I am known for them.  
I dish them out as a therapeutic strategy for clients.  

You know the time, you are sitting in a meeting when someone says something downright rude or acts in an inhumane way. Think Wedgie 

When someone delivers the worst customer experience you have every experienced. Think Wedgie. 

There are times when an OEW is required. This is saved for really annoying people, terrible humans – the worst kind.  

It can only be administered in the most extreme of circumstances and only those who are able to administer it. It requires strength and focus.  

An Over Ear Wedgie is the big daddy – the one that conquers all.  

Now, please hear me. I am not – at all – suggesting that you go around wedgying people in meetings (although if you do send me a picture/video/invite) I am merely suggesting a visualisation technique. Often when faced with a contender for buzzword bingo (you know the ones that are thinking outside the box, squaring the circle and creating strawmenin a meeting I create an internal visualisation of giving said person a wedgie. Instant relief. It creates a level of tolerance that was previously hidden. It allows you to smile in the face of buzzword crap and wade through and see the nouns and verbs – like a conversation!  

No need to thank me. Wedgies – they help. A tonic for any executive.