I have been reflecting a lot out here at Juicy Oasis - the Juicemaster retreat - and generally taking time out. 

Part of my 23kg luggage was a whole pile of books and folders for work but I haven’t opened them yet. 

And thats OK. 

I am staying still enough for long enough and resting. 

My kind of resting is 4 hours of yoga a day a couple of fitness classes and a rebounding class - but its rest nonetheless. Resting the mind starts with the body. 

And I have really taken time to notice my breathing. 

Often when we are running about so much we tend to not notice how much we are not breathing.

I have been really focussing on my breath as part of my yoga training and have ramped it up here. My cells seem to like it :-) 

Breath is life.

How are you breathing now?


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