The Leadership Experience


The Leadership Experience


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”  

Maya Angelou 

This is the power of leadership.  

Businesses are made and broken by the people who work there. Creating conditions that call out the best in teams, having accountable and consequence based conversations, creating trust in a team all go some way towards the results and sustainability of the company. 

“I don’t keep fish. I keep water” 

The work that Kirsty does helps leaders with tools and dialogue to navigate through the organisation, dealing with the complex personality types and calling up the contribution in others to create commitment, accountability and results.  

Her mission is that this work gets people to remember that the human to human (H2H) is far more powerful than B2B and B2C.  

She designs and delivers programmes and experiences for business – theres nothing she loves more than creating a fully designed and integrated programme and creating a dent in the leadership landscape.  

The programmes may vary – an Executive coaching programme, a 3 year Leadership programme for retail banking, a creativity and innovative thinking programme for a public company, a certified coaching programme for an oil company, a business strategy for a start up, a design and business model overhaul for an entrepreneur. 

Leadership Development – Design and Delivery

The programmes we deliver effectively all hold certain themes as consistent… 

 -       Increasing leadership engagement 

-       Creating and developing talent pools 

-       Creating high performing teams 

-       Maximising leadership capability 

-       Communication and conversation- having conversations that really matter!  

  Recently she has developed digital applications that create a sustainable digital element in the programme.  

Augmented reality has been a fascinating feature that involves a different engagement tool for learning -  having witnessed phenomenal engagement through the use of these tools.

The Conference Experience

The Conference Experience

From Wembley to Omaha, Kirsty has either spoken at big conferences or, in most recent years, been a host for corporate conferences.  

We have all been to events where we experience death by powerpoint and one speaker after another and – they have their place. Creating an event that is memorable and remarkable is super important to me.  

Recently we were asked to do a learning session/intervention for 1400 people. After we screamed about how mad a query that was we thought it would be kind of cool. Result?  

Majorly positive feedback, learning that stuck, brilliant energy and – an experience (can still remember the glass of wine at the end).

Kirsty is lucky to have many different associates that she works with who all bring something different to the mix – from stand up comedians to actors to Olympic athletes to business executives – they all bring their own insight, perspective, inspiration and glitter.