Kirsty wants to live in a world where delightful stationery and beautiful conversation is the norm.  {describe the kind of world you want to live in}. 

As a coach and{your job title here}, {he’s / she’s} been {spotlighted / featured / showcased / honored / applauded} on {list of blogs / websites / podcasts / theaters / art galleries / places that have recognized or shared your work}. 

When shes not trampolining, in the downward dog position or reading about murder you can find {him / her} {describe whatever you do when you’re not doing … that}. 

{His / Her} {first / next / latest / recently-released} {book / program / project / collaboration} — {title of your new and cool thing} — hits {the shelves / airwaves / silver screen / internet / an inbox near you} on {date}. 

{Discover / learn / explore / find out} how to {describe whatever you help people to do} at {your website here}.