What a fabulous job Kirsty did over the entire session. I have had the great fortune to be involved in more development sessions than any one person deserves across many different organisations and business areas. I can say without hesitation Kirsty provided the best facilitation, insight, provocation and practical tools to support I have seen in any of these from any facilitator. I was so looking forward to our time together based on the amazing job she had done and shared with me in planning for the day. I could not believe it would exceed my expectations given how high they had risen but it did. 

Simply the very best all round leader/facilitator I have had the privilege to work with, ever. 

Robert MacLachlan. Managing Director Coop Funeralcare. 



Kirsty has worked alongside me and Santander for the past 3 years, helping and guiding us with our leadership programme and cultural transformation. 
Her grasp of what really makes a difference, what is at the cutting edge of people leadership, is world class. Her advice and knowledge has been excellent throughout this time. Kirsty is at home and as impactful on stage in front of 1,000 plus people as she is in small groups. Equally she will counsel a Chief Exec in one breath and relate fully to a branch cashier in the next. 
She brings blue sky creativity whilst also having an eye for the essential detail. 
These wide range of skills make Kirsty unique to partner any business in their own transformational journey. You get the best of both worlds, an external lens and inpartiality, whilst feeling like she knows your business, your challenges, as though she has worked for you for 20 years. Perhaps most impactful though is Kirstys professionalism, her energy, her drive for brilliance and for always wanting to do the right thing by you, the business and your customers.

 - Paul Waters, Head of Future Forward, Santander - 


I have been working with Kirsty for the past 16 months on a critical cultural change programme. 

Kirsty’s dedication and hard work continue to exceed expectations, and most specifically in terms of her creativity, design and dedication to the programme. Kirsty has taken the time and effort to really understand our business, the people and she is able to relay and weave through the programme’s aims in the day to day activities of our managers, making the learning fun, easy to understand and most importantly easy to implement.

Kirsty’s flexibility, experience and her ability to suggest and translate comprehensive theories simply and with impact has been critical in supporting the entire programme. The feedback from the training sessions she has led with our managers, has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting her ability to work with small and large audiences and deliver impact across the board. 

She is an essential part of the team making working with her a pleasure.

- Elena Grigorova, Business Manager, Santander -


I used Kirsty to facilitate a workshop that we ran as our organisation went through rebranding to refocus our organisation for a different demographic. Kirsty brought fun and laughter to the workshop as she explained the power of having a conversation which the ladies found both inspiring and uplifting as she guided the audience through the need to change in order for the organisation to move forward in a positive way. The members loved the way that she put across organisational change in a pragmatic way. Such was the feedback from the workshop, we used her again at our National Conference in front of 550 women of all ages whom she captivated by her motivational speech that had our members thinking and talking about the need to  embrace change and adapt to a modern world.

- Raymond Pratt, General Secretary, Scottish Women’s Institute -


“Kirsty Mac is a joy to work with.  She is original, high energy, very very funny and a great communicator to a broad audience.  Some people could be forgiven for thinking that this is all she is, given her humility and the depth of her insight.  But with Kirsty, no word is wasted, no joke is without purpose and nothing goes past her.  Kirsty works at a foundational level and creates lasting change in leadership capability and organisationsal culture.  List off the various human potential psychologies and she has done them all.  I would recommend Kirsty if you want to provoke an organisation, fast track the development of a leader or have a team reach its potential, while having fun and growing in confidence.  A one of.

- Jim McNeish, Head of Brains, Neish -


Working with Kirsty Mac is always a joy. Results & return on investment are always at the forefront and Kirsty achieves this with creativity, energy and above all fun.    When you have Kirsty on the team everyone wins.

 - Steve Smith, Director, Raise the Bar - 


Where do you start when it comes to Kirsty Mac? Well we're thankful that Kirsty has pretty much helped us from the start right through to now. From championing us as people and professionals; bringing out the best in us with all her clever techniques, skills and experiences through to educating us on leadership, the mind and how to work as dynamic team in Designline. Kirsty has proven to be a real attribute to our business, so much so, we share her with our clients who benefit greatly too. Kirsty inspires rather than motivates - a rare skill. 

 - Ashley Moore, Director, DesignLine Creative - 


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